The # 1 mistake sellers make is putting a non-staged home on the market. -HGTV


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Vacant,  Estate, & Model Home Staging

At Posh Staging Interiors, our goal is to create an experience that leaves potential buyers enticed by your home’s features.  We want them to envision the home as their own.  In order to do that, we need them to spend time in it.  Buyers stay in an empty home an average of 5 minutes, but will linger in a staged home for an average of 40 minutes.  According to the National Association of Realtors, the longer a buyer stays in the home, the more likely they are to make an offer. 

Empty  homes make it easier for buyers to focus on flaws;’ while staging shifts their focus and helps them to see the true potential of the home.  Buyers who fall in love with the home are 30% more likely to overlook minor flaws.  

Our experienced team uses design psychology and cutting edge staging techniques to appeal to your target buyer’s aspired lifestyle. Assisting them with building an emotional connection leading to a quick home sell for top dollar. 

Vacant staging begins with an on site assessment of the property where the stager will take photos and measurements.  Showcasing will be scheduled and includes full execution of staging from start to finish.

Showcasing Includes:

  • Design planning

  • Sourcing of furnishing & accessories

  • Delivery

  • Installation

  • Destaging

Occupied Home Staging Consultation


At Posh Staging Interiors, our goal is to create an experience that leaves buyers mesmerized by your space. We will review your home with a buyer’s eye and make recommendations that will maximize the home’s strengths and minimize any distractions.

Occupied staging consultations start with a 1-2 hour tour of the property. During this time the stager will take notes, photos, and measurements.  A detailed report will be prepared and provided to the home owner, including recommendations for inside & outside of the home as well as a prioritized list of action items.


Home Staging Consultations Include recommendations for:

  • Curb Appeal

  • Color Advice

  • Editing of Items & Depersonalizing

  • Prioritized List of Action Items

  • Recommended Furniture Arrangement

  • Accessory Shopping List (if needed)


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Personal Shopper

Are you moving into your dream home & want assistance choosing new furnishings & accessories?  Do you desire an updated look in your current home for less?  We love to shop and will source the best furniture, artwork, and accessories within your budget.  With our knowledge of resources and eye for design, we will effectively present you with items that will give your home the Wow Factor you desire.